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This course is Campus based. Request Info. By locations. By date. Kenya - Nairobi , Nairobi County. Start Date.

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End Date. Application deadline. Malawi - Lilongwe , Central Region. Mozambique - Maputo , Maputo. Namibia - Windhoek , Khomas Region.

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Swaziland - Mbabane , Hhohho Region. Tanzania - Arusha , Arusha Region. Tanzania - Dar es Salaam , Dar es Salaam. Uganda - Kampala , Central Region.

Zambia - Lusaka , Lusaka Province. The students by successfully completing this course will understand how company revenues and profitability depend on the network and fleet plan, learn key market and route forecasting, create a schedule that effectively utilizes aircraft resources, improve aircraft and fleet utilization implement successful scheduling strategies, review passenger traffic demand, flight schedule data and optimization tools.

This module gives the students an opportunity to review the organization and management of the airport business. In this context, airport economics and managerial and financial performance will be assessed by referring to aeronautical and non-aeronautical issues. The course will also discuss airport and terminal operations, airport marketing, expansion strategies and the functional role of regional and international airports.

Throughout this course, information systems and management specific to airlines will be considered. The course will cover topics such as the structure of aviation operational information, operator documents systems, flight operations information interchange, management of operational information, structured information for the cockpit, strategic usage of management information systems in air transportation, display of electronic information, airline information security management, and the future of management information systems in airline industry.

Nowadays, to be successful, managers should be able to direct their teams in the right way to deal with the changes created by new circumstances. Since leadership is much more than a static undertaking, this course aims to help managers to properly understand the new situations and challenges and quickly react them when they are forced to do so.

This course addresses a broad spectrum of competencies and issues in international aviation safety and security. Programs in safety management systems, safety oversight management and inspection, accident investigation, human factors and aviation medicine address the critical safety and health issues impacting aviation. Aviation security programs in the areas of risk assessment, airline and airport security impart crucial skills and insights, and are in tandem with international best practices and regulatory mandates.

Lectures are complemented by practical syndicate group exercises and site visits to enrich the curriculum. This course is designed for those who are, or will be, working in the aviation service management and gives clues about how to improve service management to establish an excellent business relationship with the customers. Thus, the principles that lead to high quality services in aviation industry are discussed by using practical examples.

This course will introduce the students with the fundamentals of financial applications in airline industry. The topics that will be covered in the course include the usage of accounting information in airline business, financial statement analysis in airline industry, short-term and long-term cost cutting strategies, cash and revenue management, investment analysis, and financial control. The theoretical aspects of the topics will be supported by cases taken from the air transportation industry practices.

Management Economics is a branch of economics that deals with the application of microeconomic analysis to decision-making techniques of businesses and management units. It makes it possible for the management to integrate economic theory with business practice in order to facilitate decision-making and forward-looking planning. Suleymaniye Mah. Siddik Sami Onar Cad.

Kayabasi Mah.

Project Report On Logistics And Supply Chain Management Pdf

Ulubatli Hasan Cad. Yenimahalle Mah. Hazirlik Sk. Management Department. School of Business. Msc in Air Transport Management Thesis. Again, teams reach out to industry contacts, in many cases volunteers in freight forwarding and logistics firms. Headquartered in Secaucus, NJ, UTC maintains a global network of offices and agency contacts to coordinate shipments for its customers around the world. This year, UTC personnel helped Capstone students develop cargo profiles and shipping plans. Oktay Bayramcavus, a project manager in Houston, fielded phone and e-mail queries from students as they prepared their projects.

Bayramcavus received his formal university training in maritime business in his native Turkey and worked for six years there before coming to the U. That's knowledge you develop over time from working in the industry. What I think students learn from this process is how many small details they have to think about and prepare for.

Essay on Transportation and How it Affects Logistics

They also learn how important it is to communicate with everyone involved in the project. The lack of a seemingly small detail like a minor change in cargo dimensions or weight can throw all of your plans into a snarl if that isn't passed along to the right people. Once the students have completed their proposals comes the challenging "intensive," held this year on March 27th at the SUNY Maritime campus in Ft.

Schuyler, NY. Each of the student teams had 15 minutes to present their cargo plan to a panel of experts made up of faculty and industry volunteers that included: Jeffrey Weiss, Esq. Ruediger today serves as a part of UTC's Project team providing his expertise on matters ranging from cargo charters and documentation, to overall protection of customer interests. I think it also helps them appreciate one of the real attractions of our business Students incorporate ideas and suggestions from the professional panel into a final draft of their proposal which is then reviewed and graded by Dr.

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Howard and his faculty prior to graduation this spring. SUNY students who took part in the program felt it was very realistic and one of the best parts of their studies.

Twenty-five year old Annie Chen, born in Taiwan, and with an undergraduate degree in marketing from New Zealand's University of Auckland, said her initial work after college just wasn't what she was looking for. It has really been a learning experience and reinforced my belief that this will make a great career.

Chen's team project was the shipment of five donated MRI medical imaging machines for the Red Cross from New York to Haiti in support of earthquake relief efforts there.

In our plan, we used a firm which specializes in aid shipments for the United Nations. They were best equipped to handle all the cross-border details and security required. Feedback from the panel revealed, for example, that we hadn't paid close enough attention to cargo lashing points when we placed the MRI units on flat racks. For me, the value of this exercise was discovering how many details there are to what seems, at first, like a pretty simple project. You have to plan every detail You can't think on just a straight line.