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She went to a house party last summer with her three good friends.

At the end of the novel, what is the final touch that Melinda adds to the picture of her tree?

Unfortunately, she got raped by a senior, Andy Evans. She had no choice but to call off the party by calling the police, which in turn arrested everyone in the party.

Book Review - Speak

She has not told anyone about this and living with learned helplessness because she is rejected by her peers. From what her parents say in the movie, Melinda was a bright student and a happy child, but she does not even tell her parents about it. She gets annoyed when her mother thinks that her muteness is her attitude problem. Plus she laughs at her own joke. She finds comfort and support in her art class, where her year long assignment is to draw a tree. This has played a major role in her life. She uses an abandoned store room in her school as her art collections.

All of her collections are trees that she has drawn. This has started to change her life. For instance, she finally confronts to Heather that she does not like her in the first place, and she is also able to fight back when Andy is threatening her. Besides, Melinda still cares about her ex-best friend, Rachel, who is dating with Andy Evans. She fears that Rachel will suffer the same fate as she is.

She tried her best to break her barrier of speaking and finally confronts to Rachel about it. Colman stated that it is a mental disorder of childhood or adolescent whose essential feature is a persistent failure to speak in a certain social situations in which speaking is expected, such as at school or among peers, despite a proven ability to speak in other situations. To satisfy the diagnostic criteria the behavior must interfere with educational or occupational achievement or with social interaction and must not be attributable to a lack of knowledge or facility with the language required in the specified situations, or to embarrassment about a communication disorder such as stuttering p.

At first, before the rape, Melinda does not believe that she is actually with Andy — he is a famous, handsome senior in her high school-and she also has some interests in him, so they dance together and kiss together in the party. After that, Melinda starts to realize something is going wrong when Andy starts to make out with her in his car, in which Andy cheats her to go for a ride. Melinda tries to push away, but Andy is too strong. In fear of her life, she got raped with an intense fear and helpless.

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In this case, Melinda has fulfilled two symptoms in this criterion. Melinda often has recollection of the traumatic event. For instance, she thinks back the aftermath of the rape, where she was very anxious and wanted to find a phone to call the police in the party. This recollection takes place in a toilet, where she is wiping off a stain on her blouse, after she gets jeered at by her peers. Another example is when she receives crayons and a drawing book from her parents as a Christmas gift, she thinks back the time where she returned home, and could not find her parents aftermath of the rape.

Another symptom is the recollection of distressing dreams of the event. Melinda dreams about the point where she is raped by the senior. She nearly screams when she finally finds out that it is her mother, who is waking her up.

The next criterion is constant avoidance of any stimuli that is associated to the traumatic event American Psychiatric Association, Melinda fulfills three symptoms, which are avoiding conversations that associated with the trauma, avoiding activities that may arouse recollection of the trauma and the feeling of separation and estrangement from others American Psychiatric Association, Melinda always avoids Andy in school. However, there is one scene in the movie, where Andy is asking Melinda where Rachel is, shows distress in Melinda.

Andy stands by the Art class entrance, approaching nearer to Melinda. He says,. Anybody home? The story about how she busted the end of school party and caused many students to be arrested for drinking spread across Merryweather High.

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Little did they know the real story of of why Melinda called the police. The fact that the entire story is written in her thoughts, similar to a diary, is distinctive and very compelling.

Anderson creates this one of a kind novel with care and deep emotions which makes Speak so irrisistable. I recommend this book to teen girls.

Speak, Laurie Halse Anderson

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A Literary Analysis of Silence in Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

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Symbolization in Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Email address. Password Forgot password? Remember me. Sign In. Alienation can be caused by many factors and result in many consequences. But it is interesting how the situations individuals face can be quite similar. Strong Essays words 2. Now, she is loathed by afar for something nobody understands. During a summer party, Melinda drunkenly fumbled for the phone and dialed the cops.

As she enters her freshman year of high school, her friends refuse to talk to her, and she escapes into the dark forests of her mind. But something about that party was not right. Something she tried not to relive but to forget. The word itself comes from the Greek origin meaning "love of knowledge and wisdom". A famous and well known philosopher, Socrates and his talented student Plato, along with Plato 's best student Aristotle, dealt with the Aesthetic branch of philosophy.

This meant they tried to define the aspects of art or beauty. Ever since the time of Ancient Greece and even far before them, people have been trying to answer the question: what is art Laurie Halse Anderson's book Speak would be a great choice to use in my 9th grade English Language and Arts curriculum because it not only covers many of the Common Core State Standards that are set by the state of Tennessee, but it also addresses topics such as rape, sexual harassment, depression, and bullying that students should be aware of.

These issues are important for students to recognize in order for them to know what to do if they ever found themselves or someone they love in a similar predicament These books include Speak, Catalyst, Prom, and Wintergirls. A common trait found in all of these books is her spectacular use of characterization. Some reviewers have criticized Catalyst and Fever for weaknesses in characterization and plotting but all of Laurie Halse Anderson's books remain highly popular with young readers, who identify with Anderson's honest portrayal of adolescence Essay about Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson.