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Add extra features if your homework needs a special touch. Submit payment details. Choose your favorite among the safest payment options. Get your homework done. It is, however, very doubtful whether it performs this function. The matter is, the more something is prohibited, the more appealing it looks for those who are prohibited to do it. A person who would have been drinking from time to time , if he were allowed to, will be drinking immoderately and in secret if he is forbidden to do it, for the simple reason of it being cool.

Why the Drinking Age Should Be Lowered

Moreover, with the minimum alcohol drinking age being 21 years , the situation looks especially ridiculous. At 18 people are considered to be mature enough to take responsibilities, get married, vote, sign contracts and be persecuted by law if they break it; but officially they still are not allowed to drink until they turn It would be naive to suppose that restriction laws like this can protect somebody from something.

Young people may be prevented from drinking in bars , but who will stop them from drinking in all kinds of places and situations when drinks become available? If he is prohibited from drinking it is more than probable that he will plunge into drinking once he is allowed to. The Prohibition in the early 20th century was supposed to eliminate alcohol abuse altogether ; instead, government enforcement brought what it usually brings: great waste of money, emergence of great crime families without lowering the quantity of consumed alcohol at all.

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