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When the level of alcohol in blood reaches 0. At 30 per cent a person is usually confused and may become stuporaous. At 40 to 50 per cent the alcoholic is in coma and at more higher levels, centres of the brain controlling breaching and rate of heart beat are affected leading to possibility of death. Alcohol also decreases REM sleep and causes insomnia.

Alcoholic paramecia also may occur in some who are predisposed to faulty adjustment and suspicion. Abuse of alcohol may also lead to all sorts of maladaptive characters like jealousy, hatred, fault finding and the adjustive capacity of the person becomes weak day by day.

Alcoholism The Disease : Alcoholism And Alcoholism

It is said that alcohol tends to induce a pleasant feeling tone, brings relaxation, reduces tension and provides physical and mental stimulation to work. However, the alcoholic has strong craving for alcohol and this makes him unfit for any job in the sense that his attention is centred around alcohol only. Some believe that alcoholism or the tendency for alcohol may be inherited.

Findings of the studies by Erickson , Rodgers and Schlesinger show certain evidences of the presence of certain genetic components in the occurrence of alcoholism. Winokur found that alcoholism does tend to run in families. In a study of hospitalized alcoholics he found that more than 40 per cent had a parent who was an alcoholic.

It is said that children of alcoholics become alcoholics about 4 times more often than children of non-alcoholics even when they are not brought up by their own parents. In a 30 year longitudinal Swedish study of adopted male children who subsequently become alcoholics, it was found that about 25 per cent had biological fathers who were also alcoholics. Another Swedish study revealed that monozygotic twins had about twice the coincidence rate of alcoholism as dizygotic twins of the same sex. Studies also indicate a higher craving for alcoholism among dizygotic twins than among non-twin siblings.

Irwin reported that more than 50 per cent of the alcoholics had an alcoholic parent. Studies of Rose, Burks have supported the above study. There are majority of cases where children of alcoholic parents do not become alcoholics.

Alcohol and Marital Troubles

The exact role of genetic factors in the causation of alcoholism is therefore not known. It is viewed that constitutional predisposition to alcoholism can be acquired as well as inherited. However, the genetic factors may play their role in predisposing causes.

Quit Drinking Alcohol Hypnotherapy

Besides the physiological dependence alcohol also produces a strong psychological dependency as well because of the following factors:. It refers to a type of personality which makes one vulnerable or predisposed to alcohol under conditions of stress. Instead of using some other defence to adjust with or overcome the stress, these people turn to alcohol. Personality studies of alcoholics show that they are emotionally immature, they need a lot of praise, appreciation and attention from others and they are very much hurt and disturbed by failures and frustrations.

They feel very in-secured and inferior and have low frustration tolerance. Winokur , Pralt and Mcclelland have stated that many young men take to heavy drinking to prove their masculinity and to achieve feelings of adequacy and competency. According to the findings of James , , Wood uff , antisocial personality and depression may also have some links with heavy drinking.

In-spite of these findings it is not yet established which specific characters are responsible in the development of alcoholism. Nobody can deny that there are also many persons with identical personality characteristics and yet they have not become alcoholics. However, the role of personality maladjustment in the causation of alcoholism cannot be denied. Since excessive drinking impairs the total life adjustment of an individual, the question arises as to what needs alcohol fulfils that the individual so much depends upon it?

According to the psychological theories alcohol takes the person away from the burdens, responsibilities, heart aches, sorrows and distresses, worries and anxieties of modern life. Alcohol is a vehicle to escape from conflicts, business worries and inferiority complexes. It gives courage to the coward, confidence to the timid, pleasure to the unhappy and success to failure that is what those who take alcoholics say.

In brief, alcohol permits a flight from the disappointments and frustrations of reality. These explanations nevertheless speak only a part of the story. They probably take it to be away from reality, a reality without hope and meaning for them.

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According to Schafer, alcoholism is a conditioned response to anxiety. When the person finds that each time he takes alcohol it reduces his anxiety, stress and gives him relaxation, he is further reinforced to take it more and more until he becomes alcoholic. Other experts on the subject reject this view and opine that alcoholism is only a learned maladaptive response which is reinforced and maintained by tension reduction.

Bandura stated that delayed consequences are very harmful and destructive for the person; yet people are more influenced and controlled by the immediate effect. The immediate reinforcement encourages them to take to drinking more and more. Marital problems pose many crisis for the individual. It not only hurts him, but brings in self devaluation. Divorce, separation, untimely death of children or spouse add to the extra marital relationship of one of the partners, constant quarrel and conflict between husband and wife, poverty and disease may lead to habitual drinking.

Alcohol problems are also correlated with a history of school difficulty, High School dropouts and persons with records of antisocial activity and delinquency appear to be at particularly high risk for alcoholism. Cirhosis data suggest that persons in certain occupation are more likely to develop alcoholism. Alcoholism is estimated to be associated with at-least 50 per cent of traffic accidents, 50 per cent homicides, 25 per cent of suicides and large number of deaths in a year from alcoholic related diseases. Persons with a harsh superego turn to alcohol as a means of reducing their unconscious stress.

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Some alcoholics are fixated at the oral stage of development and relieve frustration by taking substances in mouth. The alcoholic personality is described as shy, isolated, impatient, irritable, anxious, hypersensitive and sexually repressed. The role of sociocultural factors in alcoholism and alcohol abuse has been emphasised by many investigators, particularly in certain societies and cultures, drinking has been considered as a social act.

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    Alcoholism Alcoholism, also known as alcohol abuse disorder, is a widespread issue that is estimated to have affected over million people, according to the World Health Organization in a statement. Causes or influences of alcoholism Many people who suffer from alcohol abuse often have the disease run in their family; however, there are many other factors and influences that can provoke the disease in people. Genetic factors: Those who have a family or biological history of substance abuse are more likely to be stricken with the disease.

    It is crucial to be aware of any history in your family that involves alcohol or substance abuse in order to avoid the risk factor. Psychological factors: Those who suffer from emotional trauma, disorders, or have mental health problems, or again, a family history of any of the aforementioned are also more prone to having substance abuse problems. Outside factors: While many people can forgo consumption of alcohol, or avoid peer-pressure, being in a compromising position socially or environmentally also factors in to alcohol abuse.

    Avoid being pressured into drinking by social groups and feeling pressured by environmental factors such as group outings to bars or venues where alcohol consumption is invoked.


    Signs and symptoms Constant consumption of alcohol, whether daily or weekly binging Higher tolerance of alcohol; having to drink more to feel the effects Being unable to limit yourself when drinking Craving alcohol or turning to it when feeling disturbed or upset Continuing to drink regardless of feeling sick or impaired Experiencing symptoms of withdrawal after not drinking for periods of time, such as sweating, nausea and vomiting, anxiety, trembling and shaking, loss of sleep, depression and mood swings.

    Counselors and therapy Counselors and therapists specialized in substance abuse are likely to offer comfort, reassurance and amazing resources to those in need. Detoxification Once diagnosed, admittance into a detox program at a local rehabilitation center may be given. Psychological support Many people who are reliant on alcohol or other substances are unaware of the mental and emotional problems that they have.

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    Even if they find time, it is too difficult for them to bridge the widening gap that separate the two generations, come down to their level, think like them and think with them. When they say that the end justifies the means how can you convince them that the means are as important as the end? When dishonesty and deceit seem to thrive, how can you prove that honesty is the best policy? The problem is not as superficial as it appears to be. It is not the problem of the individual parents alone or the erring youth. When your addict friends tell you that you can have the taste of heaven in a puff of a joint, how can you suppress the temptation, innocent as you are?

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