Rehabilitations and other essays c.s. lewis

This collection does not seem to have found its way to the USA.

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A new gap thus appeared for American readers, which has never been filled except for those who later acquired the comprehensive British collection published in What further followed for Americans after were two volumes published by Ballantine, New York. The latter volume is a reprint rather than a selection, since only one 8 of the original fourteen items was left out.

Rehabilitations and Other Essays

Luckily for American readers, both parent volumes, God in the Dock and Christian Reflections , were later reprinted by Eerdmans. The two Ballantine volumes, therefore, may be regarded as two major factors of confusion on the American scene. Two things remain to be noted about developments on the UK side until The second and third of these four selections went out of print and were used, along with the collection Present Concerns , as a fund to draw upon for a new volume of reprints called Compelling Reason The title is a clear indication that Hooper had ceased to have a hand in the matter, if only because the tradition of naming each volume after one of its essays was dropped.

The title was Essay Collection and other short pieces and the total number of items was This page volume was edited and briefly introduced by the otherwise unidentified Lesley Walmsley on the basis of all previous collections. Two years later a paperback edition was produced in two unnumbered volumes, one subtitled Faith, Christianity and the Church ; the other, Literature, Philosophy and Short Stories. The opportunity to bring this publication story to a happy end was wasted in the following ways.

Obviously, these original dates should have swapped places with those in the introductory notes to individual essays. That aside, the list features several unhelpfully vague remarks, and is moreover inconsistent and confused, including, for example, three books which are not volumes of essays. Although the total number of instances is small, the reader who has noticed one of them must lose confidence in the rest.

C. S. Lewis - Petitionary Prayer: A Problem Without an Answer

No index is provided, though such a collection clearly requires one. All reprinted from earlier collections. On two occasions out of four C. The other two volumes are different. Finally, there is They Asked for a Paper On 16 April Lewis wrote,. The book begins to shape in my mind Or Essays from Bletchley [i.

Interestingly, Lewis seems to admit, perhaps indeed to endorse, a notion of his own public role as a case of Jekyll and Hyde. He does not specify which part of him was which: literary Jekyll and religious Hyde, or the other way round.

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This, however, would hardly make a better criterion for what is and what is not worth keeping in print. The conclusion to draw from these and other distinctions is perhaps that the categories really should all be united. I still hope that C. P ostscrip t A late and perhaps final addition to the canon of collected shorter writings by C. Lewis appeared in Essays Presented to Charles Williams edited.

The Reading Life: Reflections and book by C.S. Lewis

Last meeting of the Inklings. Janie Moore dies.

The Voyage of the "Dawn Treader" Narnian series. Meets Helen Joy Davidman Gresham. Surprised by Joy.

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Till We Have Faces. Marries Joy Davidman at the Oxford registry office. Studies in Words. April, trip to Greece with Joy Davidman.

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July, death of Joy Davidman from cancer. An Experiment in Criticism.

How to Read : Reflections and Essays

Soon after, appears twice to J. Phillips, the New Testament translator according to Phillips. The Discarded Image. The last two books prepared by Lewis for the press.