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The 5-Why’s

I had them do the problem statement exercise partly to build that shared understanding, but also to see where they were in relation to their understanding of the problem. A successful solution would be [List the critical benefits or key capabilities that the solution—however implemented—must have to be successful]. When I had the group build their individual problem statements—for the same project, mind you—we ended up with 11 different perceptions of what the project was about, ranging from making some changes to the commission system to make it easier to maintain, to completely overhauling how the organization paid its agents.

Needless to say, the team was a bit surprised about the differences in perspectives, especially considering that the project had been under way for a few months by that point. By working through each of the different portions of the problem statement, we were able to converge to a shared understanding of the purpose of the project.

How to Write a Problem Statement

During kickoff activities, a problem statement activity is a good way to help a team build a shared understanding about the problem you are trying to solve with the new product or change to the product. You may use this technique to structure discussions around the first question from the project opportunity assessment. This technique provides a structure for conducting productive conversations.

How to write the problem statement in your research proposal, manuscript or thesis

It describes things in term of a problem, but it provides some context around who is most concerned about the problem and why. It also focuses on characteristics of the solution without implying a solution by itself.

Defining a Project Problem Statement

Chances are you will have as many different views of the problem as you do people involved in the exercise. By having them write their ideas on cards, you enable a large group to sort, combine, and move the various ideas to aid the discussion and converge on a problem statement. The best outcome of this exercise is not the problem statement specifically, but the conversations that occur as the group tries to converge on a single understanding of the product.

Assumptions that people have in their heads but had never voiced come to the surface. The shared understanding consists of not only the resulting problem statement but also the information shared during the discussions. Beyond Requirements: Analysis with an Agile Mindset.

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If you learn better with video rather than reading, you may want to check out Analysis Techniques for Product Owners Live Lessons, a set of video training sessions that show you how to apply analysis techniques to product ownership. Lesson 4.

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In this module, you will be introduced to the course and then begin your project proposal. You will do this firstly by choosing a community that means something to you and identifying a real world problem within that community you would like to solve. This will help you to create a project that means something to you and that you can be passionate about. Then you will brainstorm the causes and effects of that problem before finally writing out a problem statement!

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