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The pieces connect first-person stories with broader cultural and political issues to paint an important picture of the U. Fishbein writes about trouble with jobs, bedbugs, fires, and cyber bullying. She covers struggles with alcohol, depression, anxiety, and failed relationships. She is honest and hilarious both, wittily capturing experiences shared by many.

The pieces include reviews and profiles. They also argue for a new type of criticism that can accommodate the ambition and complexity of contemporary television. She makes a case for opening art criticism up to new forms and voices. She writes about struggling with mental health even while her career as a spoken word artist was flourishing. She looks at the ways our mental health is intertwined with every aspect of our lives. Here it is. Her subjects include the Sri Lankan civil war, the online world Second Life, the whale 52 Blue, eloping in Las Vegas, giving birth, and many more.

Crucet grew up in Miami, the daughter of Cuban refugees. Emilie Pine is an Irish writer, and this book is a bestseller in Ireland. These six personal essays touch on addiction, sexual assault, infertility, and more. She writes about bodies and emotions from rage to grief to joy with honesty, clarity, and nuance. This collection gathers together 19 writers discussing their experiences as journalists working in their home countries. Picking this up is a fitting way to pay tribute to the great Toni Morrison, who just passed away last summer. This book is a collection of essays, speeches, and meditations from the past four decades.


Topics include the role of the artist, African Americans in American literature, the power of language, and discussions of her own work and that of other writers and artists. Kathleen Jamie is a poet and nature writer. These essays combine travel, memoir, and history to look at a world rapidly changing because of our warming climate.

She ranges from thawing tundra in Alaska to the preserved homes of neolithic farmers in Scotland and also examines her own experiences with change as her children grow and her father dies. White Flights is an examination of how race gets written about in American fiction, particularly by white writers creating mostly white spaces in their books. Between men and women, straights and gays, rich and poor. Discrimination, though diminished over past centuries, still exists, and people experience it daily.

I know this firsthand by simply being a member of society but also by being a member the group most quietly discriminated against of all time: the handicapped. And I really hate to admit it because it seems so overly dramatic. I am 18 years old. When I was born, I looked like some sort of strange species of Amazonian frog from various orthopedic deformities. My joints were temporarily remedied with casts and surgeries and metalwork. These issues and others to arise later were discovered to be caused by some rare form of muscular dystrophy whose main symptom is significant muscle weakness.

Elementary school was really a happy time for me. I knew I had a disease, but for the most part it just caused me to receive special attention, like getting to sit in a chair in class instead of on the floor or getting wagon rides down the long hallways instead of walking. All the other kids were super jealous; I was an elementary school superstar.

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I knew I was a little weaker, but I thought I walked fine until one day a kid told me I walked like a penguin. As life went along, I became more aware of myself, more self-conscious, and more afraid of a future that seemed dim at best. At twelve I had surgery for severe scoliosis that finally took away my already fleeing ability to walk. Three months later I had surgery on both my feet to try and get myself back to walking, followed by years of physical therapy. But it never happened; I never walked again. The back surgery caused hip pain that progressed until I had to get one replaced just a few weeks ago.

Throughout this whole process, though, I have become a fighter. During grade school, whenever I wanted to go on a field trip, it was always a huge ordeal. The University of Tennessee campus has a bus set aside for people with disabilities to call when they need transportation, which is great.

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Once it was raining, and as I was passing a bus stop on my way to the complete other side of campus, a regular bus pulled up. Calling the Access Bus often leads to a minute wait in the rain as I watch the same bus for regular people pass by over and over. It involves countless phone calls, meetings with higher-ups, and my serious persona.

When I complain about having to make phone calls, for a minute it sounds silly. But you have to understand how it makes people like me feel to have to fight constantly for basic accommodations. I am just a normal girl. I love getting dressed up and going out with my friends. I love sitting in my pajamas listening to music and watching TV all day. The only thing that makes me different is my physical ability, and because of that society makes me feel marginalized, like a second-class citizen not worth the effort.

Like a burden.

What is life really like for disabled people? The disability diaries reveal all

Out of sight, out of mind. I feel like race relations are generally pretty good right now, and this country is finally starting to view the LGBT community as a set of legitimate human beings. Please support cheaper healthcare. Please think. Most of all, I ask that you be grateful.

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Most of you reading this are likely young, able-bodied, generally pain-free individuals, and I ask that you thank your lucky stars. Your life is not so bad, and neither is mine. Things could always be so much worse. This puts every other article about the woes of TC writers to shame Chin up, soldier.

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This was excellent. This is wonderful and well-written. It was a privilege to read. Thank you.

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Keep writing and keep fighting. My estranged mother parks in the handicap spots everywhere. At the gym, even. This article makes me want to print it off and drop it in her mailbox.