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It means that you scored higher than only 5.

What You REALLY Need to Know About MEE Grading and Scoring

That means you have work to do on Civil Procedure. This is very helpful information as it can give you a general idea of which subjects you may want to pay closer attention to while you begin to study for the next bar exam.

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Next, look at your total score. A is passing. It does not matter what your written score or MBE score was, so long as together they add up to a score at or higher than ! We hope you found this article on how to dissect your New York Bar Exam score report helpful!

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If you failed the New York Bar Exam and are wondering what the next steps are, check out this article. We also list several resources below.

If you are looking for helpful articles, check out these:. Please refer to the New York Bar Exam score report above as we go through each section Section I: Basic Background information The beginning of your score report will give you basic background information — e. Total Score: Next, look at your total score.

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Helpful Bar Exam Articles: If you are looking for helpful articles, check out these: How to pass the bar exam the second time around : 5 things to do differently. I failed the New York Bar Exam.

How to Dissect your New York Bar Exam Score Report

What should I do? Here is a step by step guide. I failed the bar exam twice or three times, or four or more times : Here is a step-by-step guide to getting out of this vicious cycle! Should I rewatch lectures if I fail the bar exam?

NY Bar Exam vs. UBE - What's the Difference?

Generally the answer is no. How to tell your boss you failed the bar exam : What to say and what not to say. Lastly, check out our very popular note to those who failed the bar exam , quotes for those who failed the bar exam , and a list of famous people that failed the bar exam — you are not alone! Looking for Uniform Bar Exam Help? We offer the following products and services: A comprehensive full-service UBE course which provides students with tailored, high-quality and personalized bar exam preparation.

Uniform Bar Exam tutoring services — tailored to you. We offer tutoring for all portions of the UBE.

New York Bar Exam Information Dates, Cost, Results

In particular, MEE scores are based on your ability to spot the correct legal issues, write a concise rule statement, apply the facts to your rule statement, and, finally, reach a logical conclusion. Your score is out of a possible 80 points.

MBE Prep Test Questions 1 - 100 - Updated 2018

Your score is determined based on your ability to apply the relevant laws to the critical facts in a concise manner. Each of the individual scores on these components equal a possible score of As a quick point of reference, the passing score in New York is Passing scores in other states range between and Your jurisdiction sets its own passing score and determines if there are any other components to its bar exam besides the UBE. While the UBE is a huge undertaking, you are well on your way to success now that you know the basics of how the test is administered and scored.

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