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Do you need to use sources, and if so, what types of sources are acceptable? Can you use Wikipedia, or do you have to use peer-reviewed journal articles? If you need sources, what type of citation style is required? Getting one of them wrong could turn your A paper into a D paper.

Think about it. But if you have some leeway, why not choose a more original focus? Click To Tweet. It should let readers know on which side of the argument your paper stands. This thesis statement not only starts with a cliche, but also makes a general statement about the death penalty.

This list of 50 facts about the death penalty from the Death Penalty Information Center might help spark some ideas too. Not sure whether your sources are credible? You have a topic, focus, thesis, and sources. Now comes the fun and I use that term loosely part: organizing all that information into an effective essay. Then start to sketch out what you think might be the main points of your paper.

Then, use an outline to put your ideas into place.

With topic selection, researching, and organizing behind you, you can move into the final steps of the writing process—actually writing the paper! Skip it. You might want to start writing the body and the key arguments of your paper. Death penalty is not considered as mandatory rather it is considered as discretionary in all the capital offenses except the murder case. Background of crime, physical and mental condition of the offender, age of the accused is taken into account by the judges for various capital offenses.

It is valid and justified form of punishment. One calls it as deterrence while tit is regarded as potential of executing innocent people by the others. Also one calls it justice, punishment and retribution while the others say that execution is murder. The punishment of murder is becoming less and less. Punishment for crime should be cruel and harsh. The aim of justice system is to protect rights of property, liberty and life.

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Here death penalty plays very important role. The criminal has to suffer for his wrongdoing or crime, stops him committing again and allows other criminals to commit the same. A judge orders a criminal for whole life to be in prison, but the prisoner is out of prison within 15 years. Thus the criminals continue committing crimes as they do not have the fear of punishment as they know that they will not be killed. For this death penalty should be an option so that before breaking the law they may be afraid.

Capital offenses or we can say that capital crimes are the crimes which results in death penalty. Crime is an obvious part of the society. Death penalty had been practiced by many societies; currently it is practiced by around 58 nations and has been abolished by 97 countries.

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Execution of criminals i. In most of the places where capital punishment is practiced it is restricted for various purposes like treason, murder, part of military justice or as espionage. In some of the countries sexual crimes like adultery, sodomy, rape and incest carries death penalty while in Islamic nations religious crimes like apostasy carry death penalty.

In most of the countries that uses the death penalty, drug trafficking is also considered as a capital offense. In china, some of the serious cases of corruption as well as human trafficking are suffered for wrong doing by death penalty. In all the cases death penalty is opposed by Amnesty International without exception regardless of forming part of offender, nature of crime or the method which is used by the state to put a prisoner to death.

The Death Penalty: Introduction

Capital punishment has proved to have good benefits in order to determine the consequences which the criminals deserve in the country. This is required to make certain the moral values and safety of the society, then there will be no need of the expenses that are involved in death penalty. Death penalty was set up as a punishment for people who committed crimes. The king of Babylon, Hammurabi in 18th century BC put into the form of a code the death penalty for almost 25 different crimes and murder was not included in them.

In 16th century BC Egypt, the first death sentence occurred which was historically recorded where the wrongdoer was ordered to take his own life. Hittite code also practiced death penalty in 14th century BC. Death was made the penalty by Draconian code of Athens in 7th century BC for every crime which was committed. In 5th century death penalty was codified by the Roman Law. Executions are carried out at unsteady cost to the taxpayers: It costs much more to execute a person rather than to keep him in the prison throughout the entire life.

It is being observed that the death penalty trials are around 20 times more costly than the trials that seek a sentence of life in jail without any possibility of parole. No credible evidence is there that the capital punishment causes crime: Scientific studies had failed to find out that that executions cause people to commit crime more than seeking a sentence of life in prison.

A Brief Discussion on the Death Penalty

The states where death penalty is not practiced have much less murder rates. Innocent people are being executed and convicted: The wrong execution of innocent people creates lack of justice which can never be rectifiable. In the last two years it was found that four men had been executed wrongfully for the crime which they did not committed. Always there is a risk of an innocent people to be executed.

Race plays a vital role in deciding who is sentenced to die: The two major factors that decides who lives and who dies are the race of victim and the race of defendant. It was concluded from the report of General Accounting Office in the year that those people who killed the whites were mostly sentenced to death than those who killed blacks.

Introduction to a Death Penalty Essay

The death penalty is asked to be given without aim or purpose at random: The three determining factors in death penalty case where crime is committed are the politics, jurisdiction and the quality of legal counsel. The death penalty is considered as a lethal lottery. Out of 22, people who commit crime every year, approximately people are put to death.