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Can You Live Forever?

If everyone were the same or what the world refers to as normal, life would be pretty boring. There are several contributing factors as to why I am the way that I am, but more recently, I can say that a group of friends that I became close to during my senior year of high school had a big impact on the person I am today Would You Want to Live Forever?

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Imagine experiencing the hell of losing someone over and over and over and over again. The pain and agony that you would have to suffer through are agonizing just thinking about it. Ah first love. The first date, the first holding of hands, the first kiss, and the first death. Ah second love. The second date, the second holding of hands, the second kiss, and the second death. Visualize going through these stages every century, knowing that you will never meet your beloved up in heaven, and knowing that every other woman or man you see, you will feel as though you are betraying the others.

The whole fantasy of love and relationships would all be part of the ongoing game, however this is! The woman or men you would meet throughout the ages would be somewhat of exact copies, because your image, attitude, personality, and yourself in general would not have changed and therefore the same type of woman or men would be attracted to you and this in turn would become monotonous. What about other peoples opinions?

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Many texts and oral presentations have been produced concerning our society and their view that they must fit in. That one must fit the image that every generation has hazily set. Not that you would be considered as an alien from mars, eventhough they could be interacting with us by then, but as someone who is outdated because it would obviously take time to become accustomed to the way of life in that time.

Do you believe in re-incarnation? The ancient Egyptians believed that when one person dies, he is brought back to this planet in another state. Not like a state of liquid or gas, but of a an animal or species. I myself, and even if you think it weird, believe in re-incarnation and would like to believe it.

What if You Could Live Forever?

I believe that god sends everyone to earth as a human, or homo-sapien, and then as another being so that they can experience life in numerous different ways and directions. Like the ancient Muslims believed, god has set a course for each individual and that path must not be disrupted. If one was to live forever, then what is the purpose of competition? The whole purpose of humans is to compete with and among each other, for love, money, fame and so on. But who will always come out on top and conquer all the odds? The person that is living forever.

What's the Price of Immortality?

The reason being that his efforts are limitless and the father time and mother nature are both on his or her time. You already have conquered nature by being able to live forever, and by living forever you have all the time in the world to make decisions about what you would like to do and where you would like to go. By now the pattern is clear that competition is at an end for you if all the supernatural forces have been defeated by a human defect, and the game of life is drowning on. Within me this statement seems reasonable, as life goes on sweet and great things keep happening, but like if you encountered the end of t!

However the person living forever would always be humored because the chocolates are everlasting, and like the sweet taste of chocolate, life would be ever more sweeter. Kennedy elected president of the United States of America.

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These are a few of the billions and billions and billions of events that have passed and gone by like a leaf through wind. Imagine one person alive to witness all of mans failures and victories, all of mother natures disasters and glorious makings. The world is full of wonderful things just waiting to be discovered. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Life itself is known to be fleeting. Every person on the planet knows at least unconsciously that they will die one day.

But what would happen if science figured out a formula that would allow humans to live forever? How would our society change? Our entire society is built on the fact that we will all die one day.

Learn as if you were to live forever, yet live as if you were to die tomorrow

Religions have been entirely built on what will happen after we die. Death is a natural occurrence in this society. It is as normal as breathing. People live their days as if it will be their last. What would happen if people were given unlimited time? Would our very society break at the seams and if so, how? Would our society even falter?

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Would being able to live forever be a blessing or a horrible curse? Some might find the idea of living forever a blessing. One could watch the very rise of the new ages in technology and society. They would be made more aware of the consequences of their actions and the impact those decisions have on the future because they would be the ones to live in that future.

There would be no way to push away problems onto the coming generations because you will remain there and be forced to face the consequences. More people will be made accountable for their choices and in order to look out for their own benefits, they will take care of the earth and the civilizations we currently have. Most people are selfish and will protect what will affect them.

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  • If people will live forever, they will take a better care of the world so their future isn't dreadful. They will better themselves through seeking knowledge and taking care of every aspect of their lives if they want it to continue. Though there are some benefits to living forever, such as having more time obviously and watching non-immortal life grow and develop, there are major consequences to consider. If the human population became able to live forever, how would we control the population count? We are an already large sum of a species and dying, no matter the circumstances, helps control that count.

    Our world would fill and have no way make way for future generations. The only way to weed the earth would be to kill people and that goes against the whole idea of the formula in the first place. The formula wants to indefinitely prolong life, and if the only way to continue that life is to kill off other life, then it contradicts itself. This generation can barely further itself as it is trying to clean up the messes that the previous generations made first.

    We would have to live with not only the consequences of our actions but previous and future generations, if we can make them, as well.

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    • Humans have been undermining this planet for hundreds of years, and if we were to live forever, what damage would we cause to the planet? The earth is already damaged enough. This current generation has a lot of work on their hands. They cannot revert the damage that has already been done, but they can halt any further damage.