Essay on tree plantation

Trees give us oxygen without which we cannot live a moment.

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There are many other uses of trees. But people often destroy trees. The tree helps to keep the environment balanced. It prevents air pollution by taking carbon dioxide. It protects us from natural disasters. Trees play an important role in our daily life. They are used for different, purposes. In order to live, we need oxygen. Trees give us that oxygen. They give us food and fruits.

Tree Plantation

Fruits are rich in food value and vitamins. The green leaves produce starch- an essential part of the food. Trees also provide shelter to birds and animals that are an important part of our ecology. We get timber from trees and we make our houses, furniture, boats, launches, ships, etc. If trees are planted on the banks of rivers and sea-shores, soil erosion can be prevented.

Trees also prevent air pollution. Trees conserve our soil. This soil-conservation is very important for our corn-fields. Trees make own land fertile by their fallen leaves. Without trees, the land becomes a desert. Many kinds of medicines are prepared from leaves, roots, and barks of trees. Trees protect us from the greenhouse effect. See image above. If the tree is grown and dug properly at the nursery, staking for support will be unnecessary.

Trees establish more quickly and develop stronger trunk and root systems if they are not staked at the time of planting, but instead are allowed to adapt to local conditions.

However, protective staking may be necessary where lawn mower damage, vandalism, or windy conditions are concerns. This fall, consider planting a tree or two on your property, or help with a tree planting in your community. And this holiday season, consider a generous donation to a non-profit that plants trees or does reforestation work. We all benefit greatly from living among more trees. A future with fewer trees is a future less secure for humans. After a year career in green building and environmental sustainability, chronic illness forced her to shift her expertise and passion from the public sphere to home and hearth.

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Recipe Rating. This is just wonderful! Thank you for all your work planting trees! I hope many millions more join you. Such a timely article. Been looking for websites where I can find opportunities to promote trees and found your post. Thanks for including the websites we can turn to when we want to help in bringing more trees to this planet.

We recently found this article and found it to be very valuable as we launched our tree business this past year. Thank you for taking the time to put together this very information rich article and this will definitely be helpful to us when educating our clients about trees. We look forward to reading more of your articles.

Keep up the great work! Planting trees are one of the simplest and most sustainable ways to positively influence the environment.

Short Essay On Tree Plantation

We require trees now more than ever! Communities across the state have been devastated with the loss of tens of millions of ash trees since the emerald ash borer was initially discovered in metro Detroit in Trees are our lifeline to cleaner air and a healthy environment. I do believe that we should plant more trees like chestnut trees since they can help soak up stormwater as you mentioned which can protect our homes from floods. If they can release enough oxygen to sustain two human beings as you stated, I should buy some for sale and plant some at the local park.

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  • Hey, great article, has lots of good information for my research on companies that plant trees. We just published a story with 18 companies that plant trees for each purchase. This Autumn Southern Hemisphere I planted a number of fruit trees. They will provide us with food and shade, which we need as we live in a very dry and hot area, and contribute to greening our environment. Go online and find out where you can plant a tree in your name for free.

    I went to myhollywoodgreenoffers. Save the planet people! I love trees. I have a beautiful Pin Oak out my kitchen window.

    Tree Plantation Paragraph & Essay for all class Students | Ontaheen

    I get so much pleasure watching it change with every season. Thanks for the great information and for sharing at The Gathering Spot. They live in soil, on moist surface, and water, such as pond water. Who knew!? I also never knew that plants only undergo photosynthesis during daylight, but at night they breathe just like us, taking in oxygen and emitting carbon dioxide! Just two things that I thought were interesting and I wanted to share. Have a great week!

    Benefits of Tree Plantation.

    I adore trees, and whenever we have moved I have always enjoyed choosing which ones to plant. We have several birch trees in our garden and a rubinia. Recently I visited an old neighbour who lives next door to our old house, and I was thrilled to see that the trees I planted ten years ago are now as tall as the house roofs and still growing strong. Actually, grass is better. Grass prevents erosion better, holds up to flooding, sequester carbon etc. They steal resource from other plants, creating bare spots in the soil, exposed dirt.

    They can create drought situations downstream.