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I am a reliable person and a hard worker which will help me in the business setting.

What is the Role of a Pharmacy Technician?

An RYA internship will be a great way for me to manage my time and not have to waste a summer doing nothing. Another thing is that I fit the category of pharmacy because I like Chemistry and Biology, I like to solve problems and puzzles; I am dependable and organized; I am detailed and oriented, and able to communicate well with others.

I've always had a curiosity for the different types of careers in the medical field and this opportunity will give me the chance to discover and experience one of those. As I have read magazines and searched the internet, I have encountered articles about the Nationwide shortage of pharmacist throughout U. This is why the pharmaceutical industry is a good one for me to go into.

Role of a Pharmacy Technician from a Pharm Tech Expert

Continue reading this essay Continue reading. A pharmacist has more authority than a pharmacy technician; the pharmacist has the ultimate say over whether or not the medication is suitable for public consumption. The pharmacist is also required to have more education than the technician.

The technician handles the administrative side of the pharmacy; she deals with the labels and patient files. The pharmacist handles the scientific and clinical needs of the pharmacy; he answers medical questions and compounds the medications. The pharmacist, who is paid a salary, also earns significantly higher earnings than the technician, who is usually paid hourly.

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How to Write “Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist” Essays: 4 Good Tips

During her time working in workforce management and as a financial analyst, she reinforced her business and financial know-how. Share It. About the Author. When the prescription is filled, the pharmacist must review it again before it is sold to the patient. Retail pharmacy technicians have many duties besides filling prescriptions. They spend much of their time interacting with patients when prescriptions are dropped off or picked up. They operate the cash register to sell prescriptions as well as other items sold in the store. They process insurance claims for the patient , which often involves being on the phone with insurance representatives.

They also stock shelves, keep inventory records, clean the pharmacy, and file paperwork.

Qualifications of Retail Pharmacy Technicians

They may even be asked to work in other areas of the store when needed. Regardless of which state a hospital is located in, they often only hire certified pharmacy technicians.

Hospitals also look for pharmacy technicians who have at least 1 — 2 years of experience. Pharmacy technicians in a hospital are expected to have a greater working knowledge of medications than retail pharmacy technicians. They also have to understand more medical terminology because they may be required to read and update patient charts.

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Although they do work under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, they are expected to work more independently than retail pharmacy technicians. They must also know how to create compound medications, IV fluids, and nutritional mixtures.

Pharmacy Tech Lessons - Intravenous Calculations (Flow Rate) PLUS Practice Problems

In a hospital, the pharmacy technician does not deal with patients or process insurance claims. They spend more time filling prescriptions than any other duty. The process of filling prescriptions in a hospital is very different than in a retail pharmacy. In a retail pharmacy, the technician may fill up to prescriptions in a day.