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The foundations of Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' are power relationships which dominate the liaisons between characters of opposing sex, classes, and ambitions.

Julius Caesar by Shakespeare - Themes

Even in the historical context, Rome in 44 BC, the height of the Roman Republic, predisposes the play to a complex tangle of power conflicts. As the power of prominent characters builds tension, ambitions develops, and thus manipulation arises. Struggles of authority and dominance are evident between the characters in 'Julius Caesar', through Shakespeare's adept manoeuvring of the language of power, ambition, and manipulation. The historical circumstances of Rome predispose the play to struggles for power.

In 44 BC, Rome had endured years of civil war between the patrician families and generals at the head of the armed forces, a dispute which foreshadows the antagonism that would emerge between the two groups in Shakespeare's play. Your essay will be scored according to the Gateway rubric.

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This student test packet includes your writing task and documents which will help you recall information from your study of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. In order to receive a passing score, your essay must contain information from your study your prior knowledge as well as information from the documents. Be sure to credit the source of any information quoted directly or paraphrased from any document. Please review the following steps to help you complete this test. William Shakespeare never wrote a play about a contemporary subject; most of his plays are based on stories that were already well known to his audiences.

Julius Caesar: Character Profiles

He is an idealist who upholds honor above everything else. Brutus only agrees to kill Caesar after becoming convinced that it is necessary for the Roman Republic. He dies on the battlefield by impaling himself on his own sword. She proves her courage and strength by stabbing her thigh with a dagger in order to force Brutus to tell her about the plot to kill Caesar.

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She kills herself by swallowing hot coals from the fire after Mark Antony and Octavius assume power in Rome. He assembles the conspirators and is the man who convinces Brutus to kill Caesar.

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  • He commits suicide at the battle of Philippi after falsely thinking his army has been defeated. He misinterprets Calpurnia's dream in order to convince Caesar to go to the Senate House on the ides of March. Antony is Caesar's friend from the beginning and he gives a rousing speech to the masses which causes riots in Rome.

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    Brutus and Cassius are chased out of the city in the ensuing chaos, and Antony forms the second triumvirate with Octavius and Lepidus. Octavius is a young general who joins the second triumvirate. He and Antony fight against Brutus and Cassius; he historically becomes the future emperor of Rome. He tells Casca that men construe omens the way they want to.