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These Essays will help you in your school essay writing competition and also in several debate competitions. Indian education system is quite different from that of the foreign nations. The curriculum in the western countries is known to be quite light and based on practical knowledge whereas in India the focus is on theoretical knowledge and acquiring marks by hook or crook. Students are expected to mug up chapter after chapter and fetch good grades in the class.

The marking system in the Indian schools begins from the primary classes thereby burdening little kids. The competition is growing by the day. Parents want their children to outperform their peers and teachers want their class to do better than the other classes. They are so blinded by the urge of staying ahead of the competition that they do not realize that they are pushing the children in the wrong direction.

At an age when the students should be given the chance to explore their interests and hone their creative side, they are pressurized to follow a set curriculum and slog day and night to get good marks.

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Instead of making the students understand various concepts of mathematics, physics and other subjects so that they can use them at different stages in their life, the focus is on blindly learning the chapters whether or not the concepts are understood just so that one can get good marks.

So, the very basis of the Indian education system is inappropriate. Indian education system is said to be old and mundane. In the times, when the organizations are looking for creative and enthusiastic individuals, the Indian schools train the young minds, to follow a set curriculum and behave as they are told for almost fifteen years of their lives.

There is no freedom to provide suggestions or share ideas. There is a serious need to reform the Indian education system which in turn helps in developing smarter individuals. There is a dire need to think out of the box if we want to make new inventions, bring positive changes in the society and prosper at a personal level. However, unfortunately our schools train us otherwise.

They tie us to a set study schedule and keep us so busy with completing the assignments and learning theoretical lessons that there is no room left for creativity. The Indian education system must be changed to make way for creative thinking. This will help them perform better in different fields as they grow up.

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The primary focus of the Indian education system is on academics. Here also the focus is not on understanding the concept and enhancing knowledge but only on mugging up the lessons with or without understanding them with the sole aim of attaining good marks. Even though some schools have extra-curricular activities, there is hardly one class per week for these activities.

Education in the Indian schools has just been reduced to gaining theoretical knowledge which is not enough to raise an intelligent and responsible individual. The system must be changed to ensure the all round development of the students. The people in power must understand that the Indian education system requires serious reforms.

The system must change to develop students spiritually, morally, physically as well as mentally. Indian Education System has seen quite a few changes ever since its inception. It has changed with the changing times and with the changes in the society. However, whether these changes and developments are for good or not is still a question. The Indian education system dates back several centuries. From the ancient times, children are being sent to the teachers to learn lessons on different subjects and to add value to their lives and make them skilled to live a self dependent life.

During the ancient times, the gurukuls were set up in various parts of the country. Children went to gurukuls to seek education. They stayed with their guru teacher in their ashram until they completed their education. The students were taught various skills, given lessons in different subjects and were even involved in doing the household chores to ensure their all round development.

As the Britishers colonized India, the Gurukul system began to fade away as the Britishers set up schools that followed a different education system.

What are the advantages of online learning?

The subjects taught in these schools were quite different from that taught in the gurukuls and so was the way the study sessions were conducted. There was a sudden change in the entire education system of India. The focus shifted from the all round development of the students to the academic performance. This was not a very good change.

However, one thing that changed for good during this time was that girls also began to seek education and were enrolled in schools. The education system introduced by the British is still prevalent in India. However, with the advancement in technology many schools have adopted to newer means to impart education to the students.

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