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One great example from the movie was how Nell called Jerry her "gaw anja," or translated: "guardian angel.

Nell took this as primary meaning of Jerry, coming out of nowhere to be her friend and help her. Jerry took it as the connotative meaning that he is strong, supportive, and helpful. Jerry doubts that he is her "gaw anja" when he could not protect her from the scientists and the court wanting to keep her from being institutionalized for research.

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Next is the syntactic code. It is the way words are arranged, pronounced, and understood. Nell's English skills raised a lot of questions about how her mother taught her the language.

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Her mom had a stroke when Nell was young or before she was born and because of the deformity of her mouth, she taught her children words that were mispronounced and poorly constructed. Jerry and Paula had created a "Nell dictionary" in order to comprehend the sentences she was trying to create.

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Accessed 10, Page 1 of 3. And what they used to communicate with each other was their own made-up language. Still, that is the only one she could talk to. There are obviously two different reactions and feelings when Nell was looking at the mirror. The other scenes are Nell used the mirror when combing her hair and dressing; this is just like what a normal person does.

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In this case, her looking glass self based on the perception of how other think about her. I guess, these two different reactions refer to the appearance of Jerome and Paul.

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In the film, after seeing Jerome and Paul, Nell started learning about varying things in the outside world. I guess, every times of learning, Nell tried to image what Jerome and Paul expected her to be or to do. Home Papers Nell Movie Review. Want to know the price of your unique Paper?