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Peter advises students and alumni at all stages of their personal career exploration and development, as well as those with particular interests in government, policy, education, social impact, and law school.

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He enjoys supporting students as they explore career interests; apply for internships, jobs, or graduate school; or prepare for interviews; and has an especially soft spot for well-written cover letters. He has worked at private and public colleges in student affairs and career services and also at the Maine Department of Education, where he provided technical assistance to educators around federal and state regulations and participated in writing and revising education rules to comply with legislation.

He holds a B. Hoi Ning works with employers to cultivate and support the development of internship and job opportunities that allow students to pursue meaningful and purposeful opportunities in the workplace. She also advises students with specific interests in business, including finance, consulting, marketing, operations, and human resources. She believes strongly in the importance and value of self-reflection in undergraduate education, especially in terms of helping students become more aware of their identity, beliefs, values, and goals as they pursue advanced degrees and post-graduate opportunities.

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She received her B. She is a first-generation college and graduate school graduate who grew up in Brooklyn and Queens with immigrant parents in low-income housing. As a native New Yorker, she still cannot drive, but she plans to get her license in Maine — cheers to lifelong learning! Prior to coming to Bates, Sheila worked in adult education with students to help them obtain their GEDs. She obtained a B. Beverly oversees the Purposeful Work internship program.

She builds and fosters relationships across campus and within the community. She also advises students focusing on business exploration including finance, consulting, marketing, operations, and human resources. Beverly has worked at higher education institutions from coast to coast at large universities such as University of Washington and University of Alaska, Anchorage and small liberal arts institutions such as Rhodes College and University of Lynchburg.

She has also worked within non-profits and community-based organizations. She enjoys empowering individuals to explore and connect their interests to their professional goals. Beverly holds an M. Ed in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Higher Education. Rachel strives to promote the mission of the Bates Center for Purposeful Work to both internal and external audiences.

She supports the entire Center staff in the advertisement of all of their programming, including the Purposeful Work Internship and Job Shadow Programs. She is passionate about helping all students find purpose and meaning in their work at Bates and beyond. She stays connected to the student body and cultivates her own sense of purpose by teaching weekly yoga classes.

Rachel graduated from Bates in with a B. James assists in the administrative, data, and organizational tasks associated with the medical studies advising program and provides organizational and administrative support to the Bates Center for Purposeful Work internship and experiential programs. James maintains various records, databases, and network files. In , he obtained a B. Menu Search.

The Quad. Allen Delong , Senior Associate Dean. First-year students live together in freshmen clusters, and each hallway has a UGA, or Undergraduate Advisor. Housing is spread out across campus. There is one main dining hall, which recently underwent a major renovation, and a few smaller ones that are part of the student meal plan. What did you study and why?

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Did the university do a good job supporting your particular area of study? Economics, Government, and the Life Sciences are especially strong, but one could have an excellent education in any major and work with some fantastic professors.

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I double majored in Government and Cognitive Science. I had always been interested in government and was excited to take classes about public policy and international relations. I really enjoyed the education and psychology classes I took early on, and I was able to combine those with Philosophy and Linguistics courses for the Cognitive Science major. Finally, Dartmouth has a fantastic study-abroad program. Due to the trimester system, students are able to study abroad multiple times during their college career, and the college runs most of its international programs.

VT: How easy or difficult was it for you to meet people and make friends as a freshman? Does Greek life play a significant role in the campus social life? Dennis: There is always some adjustment to college life and new people.

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The biggest student groups include The Dartmouth the school paper , The Outing Club, the political clubs at the Rockefeller Center, and the community service organizations at the Tucker Center. Greek life certainly exists at Dartmouth. There are 16 fraternities, 9 sororities, and four co-ed houses. It was a good way to meet a lot of people at once. Do many reputable companies recruit on campus? Dennis: Career Services is helpful. Their office is a block from campus, and it is easy to set up appointments for graduate school advising and cover letter writing sessions.

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Many reputable companies recruit on campus—Dartmouth sends many students to the top investment banks, consulting firms, hedge funds, non-profit teaching organizations, and graduate schools. Are they over-crowded, easily available, spacious? Dennis: Students study anywhere, but one of the most popular spots is the four-floor Baker-Berry Library. VT: Describe the surrounding town. To what extent do students go to the downtown area of the city versus staying near campus?

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Dennis: Hanover is absolutely a small town. Students can easily go hiking, rock climbing, canoeing—the school has its own mountain, and I loved the skiing lessons I took freshman winter. Students are rarely bored.

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They are deeply involved with their classes, research, and extracurriculars. There are a few places in the one-block downtown that students go to, but a lot of the social scene exists in off-campus houses or fraternities, which are open to anyone with a Dartmouth ID.

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VT: How big or small is the student body? Were you generally pleased or displeased with the typical class sizes? Dennis: There are roughly 4, undergraduate students. Although some of the introductory lecture classes have over students, most of the mid-level classes are capped at 35, and many of the seminars have less than In almost all of my classes, I felt that it was very easy to connect to the professor.

Dennis: Senior year, I wrote a thesis with the government department.