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As clumps of her hair had begun to fall out, she took to wearing hats and turbans. Although it was widely believed that syphilis continued to plague Blixen throughout her lifetime, [58] [65] extensive tests were unable to reveal evidence of syphilis in her system after She did suffer a mild permanent loss of sensation in her legs that could be attributed to use of the arsenic -based anti-syphilis drug salvarsan. Concerned about gaining weight, Blixen took strong laxatives "during her whole adult life", which after years of misuse affected her digestive system.

She also was a heavy smoker, which when combined with her minimal food intake led to her developing a peptic ulcer. In and the neurosurgeon Eduard Busch performed a lumbar sympathectomy on Blixen's spinal cord, but her pain returned. In when she was diagnosed with the stomach ulcer, Professor Torben Knudtzon performed surgery at Copenhagen University Hospital , [65] [66] but by that time, she was in her seventies, and already in poor health. A report published by the Danish physician, Kaare Weismann, concluded that the cause of her chronic pain and ailment was likely heavy metal poisoning.

As she didn't tell them about her laxative misuse, and the physicians believed they were fighting syphilis, akin to the AIDS epidemic in their era, each missed the opportunity for effective treatment. It is also known that Blixen suffered from panic attacks , [67] because she described them in her book Out of Africa. Her publisher indicated that Blixen's syphilis was a myth in private, but publicly, Blixen blamed syphilis for her chronic health issues. Donelson concluded: "Whatever her belief about her illness, the disease suited the artist's design for creating her own personal legend.

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Unable to eat, Blixen died in at Rungstedlund, her family's estate, at the age of 77, apparently of malnutrition. After a day of shooting film in Budapest on "The Heroine", the project was canceled because his financier went bankrupt. The Immortal Story was adapted to film in by Welles and released simultaneously on French television and in theaters. Blixen became ineligible after dying in September of that year. Blixen's former secretary and house manager, Clara Svendsen wrote a book, Notes about Karen Blixen Danish : Notater om Karen Blixen in , which told of the transformation of the young woman who moved to Africa into the sophisticated writer.

Giving personal anecdotes about Blixen's life, Svendsen focused on the private woman behind her public image. Karen Blixen's portrait was featured on the front of the Danish krone banknote, series , from 7 May to 25 August Blixen lived most of her life at the family estate Rungstedlund , which was acquired by her father in They began using the property as a literary salon , [89] which continued to be used by artists until The house was repaired and restored between and with a portion of the estate set aside as a bird sanctuary.

After its restoration, the property was deeded to the Danish Literary Academy and became managed by the Rungstedlund Foundation, founded by Blixen and her siblings. When Blixen returned to Denmark in , she sold her property to a developer, Remi Martin, who divided the land into 20 acres 8.

Blixen herself declared in her later writings that "the residential district of Karen" was "named after me".

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Changing hands several times, the original farmhouse occupied by Blixen was purchased by the Danish government and given to the Kenyan government in as an independence gift. The government established a college of nutrition on the site and then when the film Out of Africa was made in , the college was acquired by the National Museums of Kenya.

A year later, the Karen Blixen Museum was opened and features many of Blixen's own furnishings, which had been reacquired from Lady McMillan. McMillan had purchased them when Blixen left Africa. The museum house has been judged a significant cultural landmark, not only for its association with Blixen, but as a cultural representative of Kenya's European settlement, as well as a significant architectural style—the late 19th-century bungalow. A considerable proportion of the Karen Blixen archive at the Royal Danish Library consists of the unpublished poems, plays and short stories Karen Dinesen wrote before she married and left for Africa.

- Daguerreotypes and Other Essays by Isak Dinesen

In her teens and early 20s, she probably spent much of her spare time practising the art of writing. It was only when she was 22 that she decided to publish some of her short stories in literary journals, adopting the pen name Osceola. Some of these works were published posthumously, including tales previously removed from earlier collections and essays she wrote for various occasions.

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