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Most oftenly, it is seen that people prefer to go through or tagged in these two sites. Now a day, Facebook and Twitter seems to be most dominating sites and are drawing attention of more and more users at astonishing rate. Some people like to follow Facebook while some others twitter. But again question arises, in between Facebook and twitter which one is the best and whom people should follow?

We have not arrived here with the intention to draw competition between these. Our aim is to simply throw light on the popularity scale of these two among users from their point of view. There is no hard and fast rule that one should follow a particular social networking site. Everybody is free to choose anyone without any formalities.

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Facebook is generally loved by those people who are strongly addicted of staying connected with friends or eager to make new acquaintances. It is specifically meant to get reconnected with old friends and find new one. With the emergence of Facebook, we usually see that people rarely use e-mail or IM tools or any other online social communication.

Why Twitter is Better than Instagram

They fully rely on Facebook either for chatting; image sharing or video sharing or any other activities. This all has resulted Facebook to be a most powerful social media and hence craze for Facebook among people is rising day by day. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is a networking platform which lets the people to send short text messages or tweets up to characters to their friends or followers. It is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting. It has become quite popular and highly valuable especially among the technically adept; bloggers, online marketers, evangelists, and everyone who have something to promote.

Give your grades a boost

It is simple to navigate and add updates. Most of the people prefer to use Twitter as it is a pure communication tool which brings in rapid responses. One cannot conclude that former is best and later not and vice versa. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages which tend to appeal more to different types of people for different reasons. We are providing the pros and cons of each one which will enable you to conclude which one is best for which kind of activities. Keeping the fame of twitter and facebook in consideration, and deeming popularity in the media, Twitter has an edge over Facebook.

Twitter is given priority by various name and fame people like film stars, great politicians etc as it provides famous people an instant look on what their opinions are on certain matters instantly without needing them to regularly visit their profile page.

Difference Between Facebook and Twitter

The tweets get sent to the followers who are subscribed to their feeds just like an SMS. The survey reveals that people spend only a few hours on Facebook while majority of the day are spent on Twitter. Yes, if the number of followers on Twitter will increase, then it can be possible that Facebook will very soon become outdated. This cannot be quite appropriate answer and as per media experts people opt for the social network as per their choice and convenience. Going throughout the post we have reached to the conclusion that the phenomenon of social networking will grow throughout the era.

It is booming and it will. We have also drawn conclusion that Facebook and Twitter both are highly reputable social networking sites and each one has its own advantage and features. At this point, the privacy issue sometimes becomes important and one could think to switch his mood. Most of the users share their current town and hometown on their walls, which sometimes becomes problematic for them as anyone can detect the residency of that person.

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Even by the pictures, people can judge where that person was. However, the privacy setting of Twitter is far good than Facebook. There is a low ratio of sharing pictures and videos to friends and family on twitter, but it might be due to the less attraction of the site. It is important to notice that apart from the social use, both groups are also actively used for academic purposes. The initial question raises that would it affect over the grades of the students. The answer might support the best usage of the social media source.

The researches actually show that those classes who use twitter typically gain a half grade higher than normal grades www. It also directly ties students in the online collaboration. But astonishingly, those students who use Facebook are actually disappointing the grades.