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It ends by asking the employer for a referral to someone who would be interested in his qualifications. The goal of this cover letter is to present the candidate as an experienced professional that has what it takes to be a manager. It focuses on what the applicant aims to do for the company - expressing his commitment to helping the employer achieve their goals. Instead, it begins by addressing the need for the employer to achieve certain goals. This allows the candidate to mention relevant skills and experience that should prove useful. As a cold-contact letter, it should be written formally and talk about qualifications in the best light possible to make a good impression.

You use a cover letter to express your interest in a job.

Cover Letter Sample And Tips That Will Catch An Employer’s Attention

If you are not sure if they are recruiting, a letter of interest can help to find out if there are any available positions and if possible request a meeting to discuss things further with the employer. This is a straightforward example that follows an informal style of writing, though, despite its simplicity, it says what it needs to say to recruiters. In just four small paragraphs it expresses the interest of the candidate in the job and provides the opportunity to explain how you can add value to the company.

Referrals are probably the best way to get a job. As research from Glassdoor shows, being referred by someone at the company boosts your chance of successfully landing a job by roughly 7 per cent. A cover letter that talks about a referral can work better than others because it shows that there is another person that considers you the right candidate for the job.

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In this example, the candidate mentions the name of the referee and explains how these two know each other. Then he goes on talking about his work experience and achievements using numbers and convincing examples. If you have come across a job advert on LinkedIn, this is an excellent cover letter template to use. You can start off by talking about the role you are interested in, your experience in the field and then as this example shows, list a couple of achievements to show what you are good at. A bullet-pointed list comes out more prominently and can give employers an idea of what you are good at.

A value proposition is commonly used in business as a marketing statement to promote a service or a product. These should be supported by numerical data like this example shows.

It also offers an insight into your personality. The aim is to sell yourself for a position that may not exist yet.

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Cold-contact cover letters can also be labelled as letters of inquiry, letters of interest, speculative cover letters or prospecting cover letters. Tried everything to get a job and still having no luck?

How to Write an Email Asking for an Internship

You may choose to hand out your CV to a few companies just in case they have some positions opening up that would suit you. These are both examples of cold-contact.

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  4. Cover letters can take lots of time to carefully craft. But cold-contact cover letters may take even longer. Below is a template of the basic format of a cold-contact cover letter. Your opening paragraph should be ready to hook the reader. This is your chance to share your skills relevant to the role you have in mind.

    Now would also be a good time to mention any connections you may have with the company, but make sure your connection is comfortable with the mention first.

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    At this point, you need to address a call to action. Tell them that your CV is attached and request an interview, phone call, or meeting. You might even go small-scale and ask if the company is soon to be at any job fairs. Firstly, you can remove the company address and your personal address.

    Secondly, you need to come up with a subject line for the email. Another great thing about sending an electronic copy is that you can attach links!