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Two other examples are In the Babylonian society the sun god Shamash presented the code of laws to Hammurabi. In Plato 's Protagoras Zeus gave humans a moral sense and the capacity for…. However, through the furthering of religious practices such as the new testament in Christianity or the newly developed ethics of the modern age the majority agreed ideology that murder…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More.

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What is the goal of life? How are we to act? Who is control of the universe? Etc… This is the reason the Old Testament has survived as a religious and historical document throughout the ages. The code of Hammurabi The first thing anyone will notice with the Code of Hammurabi is the detail presented in all of the laws given. In contrast to the laws of the Old Testament, the Code of Hammurabi covers ever aspect of life in great detail without any storyline. Which coincidently leads to the idea that Hammurabi didn't just receive the Law as explained, but that the laws were written as situations arose by many authors.

The Code presents its laws with clarity and authority. There is no ambiguity to exactly what is the punishment or what is the procedure in any situation.

Unlike the Old Testament, the Code of Hammurabi gives us a clear look at the civilization in which Hammurabi lived. I was amazed at the sophistication level of this early civilization presented in the laws. The Amorites are talked about as a tribe, yet the word "tribe" denotes some kind of uncivilized group of people, which is not the case.

It's not the earliest known code of laws.

Several edicts in the Code referenced specific occupations and dictated how much the workers were to be paid. Field laborers and herdsmen were guaranteed a wage of "eight gur of corn per year," and ox drivers and sailors received six gur. Doctors, meanwhile, were entitled to 5 shekels for healing a freeborn man of a broken bone or other injury, but only three shekels for a freed slave and two shekels for a slave.

While it's notorious for its catalogue of barbaric punishments, Hammurabi's Code also set several valuable legal precedents that have survived to this day.

Brief Look at the Code of Hammurabi

The compendium is among the earliest legal documents to put forth a doctrine of "innocent until proven guilty. Hammurabi's Code offers a valuable glimpse into what daily life in ancient Babylonia might have been like, but just how the laws functioned in society is still up for debate. The statutes could have been a list of amendments to an even earlier and more expansive set of general laws, but they might also have acted as a set of judicial precedents compiled from real world cases.

Some historians have even argued the Code was not a working legal document at all, but rather a piece of royal propaganda created to enshrine Hammurabi as a great and just ruler. Hammurabi's empire went into decline after his death in B.

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Nevertheless, Hammurabi's Code proved so influential that it endured as a legal guide in the region for several centuries, even as rule over Mesopotamia repeatedly switched hands. Copying the Code also appears to have been a popular assignment for scribes-in-training.

In fact, fragments of the laws have been found on clay tablets dating to as late as the 5th century B. Hammurabi's edicts were a fixture of the ancient world, but the laws were later lost to history and weren't rediscovered until , when a team of French archeologists unearthed the famous diorite stele at the ancient city of Susa, Iran, once the seat of the Elamite Empire. Historians believe the Elamite King Shutruk-Nahhunte plundered the four-ton slab during a 12th century B.

Hammurabi's Code Explained: World History Review

Shutruk-Nahhunte is thought to have erased several columns from the monument to make space for his own inscription, but no text was ever added. Today, the pillar is kept on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Skip to Content. Dharmendra kumar. Code Code of Hammurabi also created social classes that had not been previously recognized.

Hammurabi was the sixth, but most well known, ruler of Babylon reigning from to BC. He is so well know, in fact, Hammurabi is the often credited with creating Babylonian empire.

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Some of Hammurabi's Laws were extremely detailed and others were often left to interpretation. Historians now believe Hammurabi's accomplishments may have been exaggerated, partly because of the fame he gained when his Code of Laws was discovered. Hammurabi's Code is the oldest known record of written law. This law reveals that Hammurabi wanted to protect his people above everything else. The most interesting fact about all of Hammurabi's codes is the lack of religious laws. Hammurabi's code might be the most important set of laws know to societies today. Hammurabi tried to maintain social order by regulating morality, and respect.

Hammurabis punishments are far more severe than those of today. Death is punishment for most every crime imaginable in Hammurabi's time, but I suppose if people are scared to death, they are less likely to do something wrong. This automatically shows that all Hammurabi's written laws were unequal and unfair.

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This was also another thing that Hammurabi looked upon was a persons status, meaning class, money, wealth, and the way of life a person had. If we were still under the laws of Hammurabi, I couldn't explain how much life would be different, then it Both the Ten Commandments and Hammurabi's Code claim divine origins. In similar fashion, Hammurabi claimed to receive the code from Shamash, the Babylonian sun god.

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  • Claiming divine origin gave Hammurabi's code acceptance and minimized opposition. The Ten Commandments and Hammurabi's Code are structured differently. Hammurabi's Code lists" laws cover[ing] a range of public and private matters" 9. The Code of Hammurabi consisted of laws that had been passed down orally, collected, written down, and posted on pillars in every city for all to see. Examples of the Code of Hammurabi, such as "If a woman is accused of adultery and found innocent, she can divorce the man and collect her brideprice" show us that the people of Mesopotamia were honorable.

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