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Mental disorders in films Hemingway and manliness Homeless people problems Hamlet: characters and madness Describing the favorite song Combatant women The changing climate Visual ad analysis samples Cause and effect paper examples. Defining the Goals To create an excellent paper, you should understand your objectives. Create an effective introduction. Write well-reasoned body paragraphs. The lack of consistency in reporting school vandalism and break-ins means that cost estimates are similarly imprecise. Vandalism costs are usually the result of numerous small incidents, rather than more-serious incidents.

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Various estimates reveal that the costs of school vandalism are both high and increasing. Not all incidents of vandalism and break-ins have the same effect on the school environment. Again, two useful dimensions for understanding the problems impact are the monetary cost where the repair charges are high , and the social cost where the event has a significant negative impact on student, staff, and community morale. Events with high monetary and social costs typically occur less frequently than those with low monetary and social costs.

Understanding the factors that contribute to your problem will help you frame your own local analysis questions, determine good effectiveness measures, recognize key intervention points, and select appropriate responses. Those who vandalize or break into schools are typically young and male, acting in small groups. Vandalism and break-ins are most common among junior high school students, and become less frequent as students reach high school. While the majority of students do not engage in vandalism, they do not generally harbor negative feelings toward those who do.

In other words, vandalism is a behavior that students can perform without the risk of condemnation by other students. Though far less frequently, adults sometimes commit school vandalism and break-ins. Most often, they do so to steal high-value items e. The typical observer may think school vandalism and break-ins are pointless, particularly when the offenders have focused on property destruction and have taken nothing of value.

According to many studies vandalism occurred in the city – Why vandalism happen

One can better understand the behavior when considering it in the context of adolescence, when peer influence is a particularly powerful motivator. Most delinquent acts are carried out by groups of youths, and vandalism is no exception. Participating in vandalism often helps a youth to maintain or enhance his or her status among peers. As schools have become increasingly technologically equipped, thefts of electronic and high-tech goods have become more common.

Plus, religious knowledge can become a major fortification in preventing young people from influenced by negative elements like vanadalisme activities. If parents are able to fulfill their roles properly, surely vandalism can be overcome easily.

Vandalism Essay Example

Next, members of the community can play a vital role to provide an understanding of how bad moral vandalism. The school should provide advice and guidance to students about the importance of public property through counseling session or motivation programmes. Younger generation should be explained in detail about their responsibility towards public property. Explain to students about the rules and laws and also the punishments applied for doing vandalisme.


This will surely help to develop their awareness toward public property. Last but not least,vndalisme can also be overcome by having CCTV in each building especially in schools. Security guards are used to deter violence and behavioral issues,but their presence is not enough.

Effects of Vandalism

Therefore, Surveillance cameras are proven to help prevent violent acts including vandalism. Also, surveillance cameras with infrared technology can identify activity at night allowing the CCTV system to record during the nighttime hours to spot and record unusual activity such as break-ins and vandalism.

According to many studies vandalism occurred in the city — Why vandalism happen Youth who are damaging public property which not just less educated but also the generation who were genetically born in the city is hard to control.