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Sheila thus reveals a childish attitude that led to serious consequences, demonstrating her negatively young character as she was not able to look ahead of her or act more maturely. She is more open to change than the other characters, especially those of the older generation.

Analysis of the Inspector in An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley

Eventually, Sheila begins to realize the difference between right and wrong. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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Priscilla and The Wimps Essays. This time difference makes the Audience more knowledgeable than the characters and makes the audience think that the characters are stupid in the things they say and do. In a radio broadcast Priestly said that after and during the war people had a sense of community and purpose, which was doing well for others as well for themselves. Too many people only think about themselves and what is best for them.

How to Write an Grade 9 Essay about Sheila in An Inspector Calls (Thanks Priya)

So he wrote about what happens to people who are selfish and what they can cause. He is also a well-dressed smart man, and likes to keep up his good appearance. He uses pompous language and is full of self importance. He started the whole chain of events off with Eva Smith.

Sheila's Ideology and Language in Priestly's An Inspector Calls | Kibin

Also she was a ringleader of the strike which took place after he refused the pay rise. Eva was automatically sacked. After the inspector is deemed a fake he goes back to being normal, big headed and arrogant.

He interacts with the inspector well at first until the inspector starts questioning him. Sheila Birling changes from being spoilt and attention seeking to a caring person. She does this as she is very impressionable.

She tells her family that they are all to blame for what has happened. When the inspector comes in she asks lots of questions about what is happening, and is horrified when she finds out. Sheila got on very well with the inspector. Sheila got on very well with Gerald and her mum Sybil.

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The transformation of Sheila as illustrated in An inspector's call

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