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It is not fourscore, but seven score and five years later that the controversy which comprised the American Civil War still smolders, the ashes of which still leave a bitter taste in the proverbial mouths on both side of the Mason-Dixon Line. I will present several arguments which lend support that this great land of Lady Liberty and her children are indebted to the cause of the slave.

It is generally consensual that the American Civil War was the most important and perhaps the most defining event of United States history. However, one major problem existed that proved to be a As stated in the Federal Marriage Amendment, "Marriage in the United States shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman. Neither this Constitution, nor the constitution of any State, shall be construed to require that marriage or the legal incidents thereof be conferred upon any union other than the union of a man and a woman" Ever since we were children we have been molded by society.

The frustration of these incidents created a false hate for our own loving parents. When we were a little older we started to grasp this concept. This is when we realized that we needed money to buy things.


If you have enough money, you can get your hands on whatever you want. This realization got us looking for jobs. Money rules everything. There is no doubt about it. If you want to eat tonight in the city you need to have money. If you want a new home you have to borrow money to get it. Even If you just want to go to school to get a diploma to be hired to a job that you hope in the long run will pay you more money, you have to borrow money.

This is like how the government borrows money from the Federal Reserve. They just keep going further and further In the Land of the Free Since the first wave of Chinese immigration to the United States in s, the Chinese experienced discrimination and often overt racism. According to Holland, during s, a large number of Chinese laborers flooded into American job market after the completion of transcontinental railroads.

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Since the Chinese laborers were willing to work for lower wages, they took jobs away from white workers which caused negative feeling toward Chinese. At the same time, the economic downturn and the increasing unemployment rate led to more heightened outcries against Chinese immigrants.

Eventually, the United States government passed the Chinese Exclusion Act of , a law that restricted the number of Chinese entering into America. Carley - NY. We must educate ourselves and question any legislation that takes away our freedom.

Why are decent, hard-working people being chased out of the country they call home?

Carlos - CA. Since, we have been divided again. We need to show the world that we are strong enough to work together and solve our nation's problems. Carol - FL. God Bless anyone who lost someone they loved. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I stand with the ACLU in protecting those freedoms that are not popular but necessary for a free society. If we give up the freedoms promised to us by our founding fathers, those who committed this atrocity have won already. Carol - KY. It is a terrible abuse of ppower to target people simply for having a certain religion or race and often when this happens it leads to tortuous abuse on people's minds by locking them up in detention without even charging them with a crime.

Carol - MA. These freedoms need to be restored immediately. Carol - OR. I want them back, now! Carol - CA. We must continue to stand firm in ACLU's fight for justice believing that every voice can make a difference in preserving our collective and individual freedom. We must not walk away from our American values and principles. They are the source of our self-respect, and the way we earn the respect of the world. Carol - IL. We must not destroy the greatness of the US constitution and personal and community liberty it protects by feaing that which is not our enemy.

Our enemy is ignorance of the world and treating strangers as enemies when we need to be making them our friends. Caroline - CA.

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Citizens must take responsibility for their own locality, state, and country. The Constitution is the set of rules we've agreed to. We all need to work to make them reality for every citizen. Cassandra - CA. Stand firm in your right to bear arms and freedom of speech. Do not let the attack on freedom catapult women back to the dark ages of living in fear. Cassandra - OH. Cassie - PA.

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I believe that the only ways in which our Constitution is violated is by our own government's use of FISA against its own citizens. A photo of former President, George W. Bush taken while he was listening to calls recorded at his insistence, between husbands and wives in which one was deployed and the other in their home, were intimate conversations between people who, no doubt, believed that their conversation was between them alone - makes my stomach turn.

I was not a fan of George W. Bush, but my comments about listening to couples thousands of miles apart, with the then-President listening to a tape recording of their intimate words and sounds makes me wonder why President Obama hasn't appointed a Special Prosecutor to review orders and actions including waterboarding and listening to personal conversations between people married, committed to each other and in all other ways intimate with one another, as well as a plethora of other actions, orders and topics researched for former President, George W. Bush, with the understanding that if the Special Prosecutor finds cause to do so, the Spec inquiry may lead to individuals, including, perhaps, George H.

Bush, before, during, and after his Presidency, then the Special Prosecutor is empowered to go wherever the inquiry leads, without limitation. Catherine - WI. Catherine - AZ. I want our country to use the memory of to begin reflecting on and acting to accomplish that which is good for its citizens. The last 10 years has been a waste of time and money. And we have not impressed anyone.

We are a war mongering nation and in the meantime the people are hungry, jobless and without a home. How did we get our priorities so out of whack? Catherine - TX. If you destroy the foundations of this country to defend it, then what are you defending. Catherine - CO. It is when fear prevails that the Constitution most needs defenders.

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It is the heart of our liberties. Let us truly commemorate by defending the rights it enshrines. Catherine - WA.

But did these intrusions make us safer? No, they did not! Instead they led to one of the darkest chapters in this nations' history. We must reverse the erosions to our liberties and remember that we can be both safe and free!