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In one case this was because the abstract looked interesting but was badly written; in another case, because the abstract dealt with a dense subject. In several cases, I spent several hours on a paper simply because I had expertise or interest in the topic described by the paper. The program committee met for two days to discuss the submitted abstracts and choose those to be accepted.

A preliminary numerical ranking provided by the reviews received in advance of the meeting helped structure our discussions. On each of several passes through all the submissions, some papers were eliminated from consideration, others were retained for further discussion and some were accepted.

Finally, we had a total of 28 accepted papers. An extended abstract is not simply a long abstract. An extended abstract should contain references, comparisons to related work, proofs of key theorems and other details expected in a research paper but not in an abstract. An extended abstract is a research paper whose ideas and significance can be understood in less than an hour. Writing an extended abstract can be more demanding than writing a research paper. Some things that can be omitted from an extended abstract: future work, details of proofs or implementation that should seem plausible to reviewers, ramifications not relevant to the key ideas of the abstract.

Is the work a significant advance over previous work in the area, by the same authors or others? The abstract should give a clear description of the advantages offered by the new technique over previous techniques. Examples and measurements are great for this. A related problem is not citing relevant work in the area.

If you have additional current papers on topics related to your submission accepted by or submitted to other conferences or journals , be sure to discuss the contribution of your submission over that of your other papers. If the work involves a specialized application, does it make a more general contribution? Some abstracts described interesting specialized applications.

Much of the content of these abstracts involved descriptions of the context of the work or applying standard techniques in the new context. Is the abstract too long? There are many methods of trying to fit 20 pages of material into the 10 page limit on extended abstracts reducing margins, using 9-point type on point leading with double columns, etc. They are all strongly discouraged. The page limit is to encourage authors to write abstracts that can be absorbed quickly, not to save trees, although our request for double-sided copies of the abstracts did have this as its goal.

No abstracts were rejected purely for reasons of length, but none of the accepted abstracts significantly violated the spirit of the 10 page limit; consider this a strong hint.

Extended essay

Several program committee members stated that after reading 10 pages worth of material, they felt free to stop reading at any point if they were not truly excited by the paper. The page count limit should be considered an upper bound on the number of full pages of text, exclusive of figures and examples. One program committee member disagreed and thought that the page limit should be strictly adhered to, noting that if a picture is worth words, a picture is worth more than the words it displaces. In exceptional cases, it may be appropriate to put additional material in an appendix that extends past the length limit.

This is acceptable only if the extended abstract itself stands on its own without the additional material. Given their time limitations, most reviewers probably will ignore the appendix. Acceptable material for an appendix could include background material for committee members not familiar with the details of the research area and details of proofs and implementations omitted from the body of the abstract.

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